Diesel and natural gas generator sets

  • Repowering Projects;
  • Complete stator rewinding;
  • Rewinding of wound rotors;
  • Replacement of the winding of cage type rotors;
  • Manufacture of collector rings;
  • Supply or relocation of rotor and stator cores;
  • Rewedging;
  • Mechanical services in general;
  • Replacing or recovering shafts;
  • Electrical Tests and Tests for process monitoring;
  • Vibration Analysis and Balancing;
  • Partial Discharge Monitoring.

Diesel and natural gas generator sets cases

GAP-N Electrical Testing Webinar: LOOP TEST

13/09/2021|0 Comments

This is a series of videos of Nishisan tips conducted by the NISHI company. The electrical tests GAP-N will be presented by Ivan Massao from Nishi's Marketing and Engineer Fábio Toshio from Predictive Engineering. In

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