Shozo Nishi, Japanese pioneer in the branch of electricity in Londrina, was born in 1910 in the province of Ishikawa. He immigrated to Brazil, when he was 10 years old, together with his family, aboard the KamakuraMaru ship. Shozo was an autodidact, in his youth he read the monthly magazines Kodomo no Kagaku (Science for Children), which his friend Hirosse Osaka brought from Japan. Reading and studying greatly changed his destiny, as he was strongly attracted to electrical engineering. He studied electrical techniques in books and magazines. To fulfill his desire to work professionally in the field, he started as an apprentice in a small workshop. Then, in 1939, he decided to settle in Londrina, a new city that was emerging in northern Paraná. At that moment, the beginning of NISHI’s history was being written. Mário Nishi, Mr. Shozo’s son, acted since the beginning. The determination and courage to overcome challenges continue being Nishi’s brand and legacy.


“To guarantee the continuity of our clients’ productive activities, and to maintain a high level of internal satisfaction regarding the work environment. “


“To be a company nationally recognized in the segment of maintenance of electromechanical equipment of medium and large size regarding the excellence of its products and services provided. “


“Integrity, appreciation of the human being, team spirit, sustainability in business, innovation, challenges. “


Market and Technology
Backed by the dedication and philosophy of its founder and sons, NISHI sought to project its work in the most diverse regions of Brazil and Latin America countries, through a regional performance. Initially, NISHI started manufacturing generators, but as the years went by, the company decided that its vocation was in the motor repair market, generators and electric transformers. Today, we have ratified our position in the most diverse segments of the Brazilian industry such as Siderurgy, Petrochemical, Paper and Cellulose, Power Generation and Distribution, Cement, Sanitation, Sugar and Ethanol, etc. To participate in a highly selective market, we need to seek the best technologies in our production process. Mirroring its philosophy, NISHI seeks to perfect itself by searching for the newest technologies in the market. Only through a differentiated work will it be possible to compete with the giants of the national and world industry. NISHI has in the people of its organization the main support to act solidly, offering maximum reliability. A name that is synonymous with respect, it operates in the maintenance of electric motors, generators, transformers, electromagnets, in the manufacturing of coils and high voltage bars and in engineering for studies and special projects. With an area of 7.000m2, of which 4.000m2 is built-up, NISHI´s headquarters houses a lot of technology, state-of-the-art equipment and highly specialized technicians. Being a NISHI client means always having a job done by first class professionals. NISHI serves the largest and best companies in BRAZIL and Latin America countries.


The repair of an electrical machine is not a serial process, where the steps are automated and the machines after an initial “set-up” start the production line. Our work is developed on demand, where each case is analyzed and planned individually, before its execution. The services, unlike a production line, are performed by specialized technicians. The experience acquired in the repair of thousands of machines over more than 70 years in the market is what guarantees the tranquility that our customers need for those who will take care of their machines. We are specialists in servicing the most varied brands and models of equipment existing in the market. For this, we count on a technical team highly specialized in the recovery of electrical machines, backed by the repair experience of more than 70 years in the market.

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